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Tex-Gép Kft is existing in confection & textile machinery sector since 2011. The main aim of Tex-Gép Kft is the satisfaction and happiness of it's customers and high quality standarts on it's services?with the talented service staff.

Our Goal is to introduce the globally well-known & due to the latest technologies, rapidly being improved sewing machineries with our people, in order to let our people to use this high technology & advantages and give the feeling of trust. We wish you to have more profit & take right decisions.


Juki MO6814S - 230,000.00 HUF

4 szálas interlock, szervo motor,sülly.asztal


Jack JK-1377 - 240,000.00 HUF

mechanikus gombozó ÚJ!Rendelésre!


Rotondi Mini3 Inox - 65,000.00 HUF

rozsdamentes acél gőzfejlesztő kazán 3,2 l,+vasaló


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